May 21, 2022

Mi Notebook Ultra Review: Is it Worth Buying?

Mi Notebook Ultra Review

There are not many fans of Mi Notebook Ultra online and there are several reasons for this. Xiaomi’s laptop doesn’t appeal too much with gaming or media editing capabilities.

On the one hand, the MI Notebook Ultra works for it while offering it as a work laptop. It is light and has good battery life. Mi Notebook Ultra Mi Notebook Ultra is a suitable laptop for those who do not want to edit games or any other things in Mi Notebook Ultra.

Mi Notebook is a proper name, considering it is designed like a notebook It is one of the lightest 14-inch notebooks in India, and weighs just 1.07 kg. The rubber finish gives it a comfortable grip.

You’ve already noticed the camera in the upper right corner to support the built-in real camera app.



The Mi Notebook Ultra has an all-metal body that gives it strong build quality. The chassis has a brushed aluminum finish. The Mi Notebook Ultra laptop is very light and relatively thin which makes it easy to carry. The rounded edges, backlit keyboard, and touchpad are well designed and enhance the overall aesthetics of the laptop. To the right of the laptop are the power and volume keys and a USB-C port that can be used to charge the laptop and connect to external storage.

The power button and sleep switch are located on top of the laptop, which gives it a premium look. The top of the screen is curved, which makes it ideal for typing.



Mi Notebook Ultra is a decent display. It has a full-HD (1920×1080) resolution and you will get a nice visual experience on this laptop, although you will need to change your settings a bit to make it suitable for you. Mi Notebook Ultra I noticed that the white balance in the default mode was a bit too hot but when I change it to ‘cool’ mode, everything gets a little better.

Mi Notebook Ultra Review: Performance

The Mi Notebook Ultra is powered by a sixth-generation Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM. It does not support an SSD but it does have a 512GB SSD because it is not a barrier. The laptop warms up a bit during extended use, especially during gaming or heavy multitasking.



As we have already mentioned, the Mi Notebook Ultra is a solid machine. The base variant has 8GB RAM while the top-end version has 16GB RAM.

Anand Lal Shimpy of AnandTech says, “Mi Notebook with 16GB RAM has lost my gaming laptop in multiple ways.”

After using the device for a while, I can say that it has a point. If you are a mobile gamer and you have extra budget then this is the option for you. It can handle a number of games without problems in medium settings. That said, if you are going to edit videos on it, I would not recommend this machine, as the operating system and file management tools are not great. Another problem here is the touchscreen display. Mi Notebook Ultra I have not received any complaints from fellow journalists in this regard. I’ve been using it for some time without any major problems.


Battery life

The Mi Notebook Ultra has a four-cell 42Wh battery and lasts about eight hours on a single charge. For most people, that should be enough. However, there are worse systems that offer much shorter battery life.


The Mi Notebook has a very smooth touchpad with a nice texture. The screen has great viewing angles and when typing, you will rarely find spots on the screen. The keyboard has an HD touchpad, which is much better than a regular MacBook keyboard.

The Mi Notebook also features an Intel Core i7 processor, a dual hard drive and a standard model with 16GB of RAM, which makes it strong enough for even the most demanding work. However, the only thing you can’t do with this laptop is installed games or play games.



The Mi Notebook Ultra can be purchased online at RS 54,999.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Ultra Specification

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Ultra has a 13.3-inch display. It is powered by 7th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU. It has 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD.

The laptop has a dedicated Nvidia GeForce MX150 GPU. It has USB Type-C, 2x USB 3.0 port and an SD card slot for expansion.

Design and display

The laptop comes with a gloss finish with a fingerprint sensor. Compared to other premium laptops like Lenovo Legion Y720 it comes with a thicker chassis. Its size and weight make it look like a normal laptop.

However, the body has some flex in it so it looks like a sturdy laptop. The display has an integrated webcam. On the left side, there are power buttons and a volume rocker.


Overall, the Mi Notebook Pro and Mi Notebook Pro pack good value for money. Both laptops are robust, stylish to look at, and perform well. The Mi Notebook Pro is a more powerful laptop and I feel comfortable recommending it to anyone looking for a laptop for video editing, gaming, etc. However, if you are looking for a lightweight and well-designed laptop, Mi Notebook Air is your choice

PS All images in this article are taken using Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (top left) and Mi Notebook Air (top right).


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