May 21, 2022

Aphrodite Hills named best luxury holiday accommodation in Paphos

Aphrodite Hills named best luxury holiday accommodation in Paphos

Holidays 2020 has revealed the Paphos Luxury Hotel Rankings, and Aphrodite Hills has been named the top luxury mountain resort in Greece.

Aphrodite Hills scored A + scores in 10 categories – separate for its luxury holiday accommodation – and Platinum (Dining and Spa) scores in two categories – Spa and Bar.

No other 2020 Paphos Luxury Hotel Platinum has achieved higher overall scoring in the two categories and, “Aphrodite Hills Paphos Luxury Hotel is a pioneer in the field as we continue this important mission of honoring excellence in the Paphos Luxury Hotel Register”, said Afestolides, Director, Editorial and Marketing. Holiday with Häniado.

In human terms, Best Luxury Resort was the choice of almost 100% of respondents, mainly because of the personalized service and innovative cooking experience at the Aphrodite Hills Golf Course.

Aphrodite Hills is no stranger to this title. In 2018, the company was crowned as the best luxury vacation accommodation in Paphos, crowned as Paphos’ top luxury vacation company, and in 2020, our privacy was lifted with the new title of Greece’s number one Paphos Luxury Resort.

The same survey shows the results of an international hotel review program, and Aurelia Luxeordico Kempinski Resort also provides platinum results. The star rating of Nutella Hotel & Spa in Paphos has also been maintained.

For guests of Aphrodite Hills and its main partner, Häniado, feedback at the Paphos Luxury Hotel Awards is the best way to excel and highlight the excellent overall service and offer.


Survey results

“Aphrodite Hills’ annual resort has been described as a” hidden gem “in the growing top-end travel market.”

“Aulo has a perfect location for high-quality nature features, parrots and galleries for adventure and excitement, and a prime time to pave the way for one of the many spa activities available.” – Neve Grigorenko

“A delightful restorative spa evening to feel an unforgettable” California sunshine. ” – Virgin Bolos

“We’ve had amazing dining and drinks in our” Multi-Sex Lounge “, experienced a relaxing refreshing bath in the gorgeous pool and we’ve come a long way in this fantastic resort.” – Isabel Gallafis

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