May 21, 2022
10 Delicious Street Food Recipes You Can Make At Home

10 Delicious Street Food Recipes You Can Make At Home

Category 1: What is street food?

Delicious street food recipe. Often referred to as street food or snack street food, this type of food originates from hawkers selling street food on the sidewalks in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, and even parts of South America. Although these establishments do not serve refined and elegant food, they do their best to satisfy and satisfy the most demanding palate. For this segment, we are focusing on street food in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, which make up the largest street food market across 15,000,000 square feet.

However, this is not always the case. Especially in the rural villages of this region, open roads and large open spaces are not meant to be organized in a clean or structured manner.

How to make street food at home

Okay, now there are many more options to get burgers, fish, and chips, or even bao bun whenever you want. However, street food does not come cheap. At I Got This Covered, our friends have come up with 10 great street food recipes that require just 10 ingredients or less, all for less than 10.

Here’s how to make four great street food recipes at home:

1. Deep fried chicken wings

Get the recipe here.

2. Humans

Get the recipe here.

3. Mango and Feta Slider

Get the recipe here.

4. BBQ Burger

Get the recipe here.

More of a burger person? Click here for 10 great burger recipes.

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10 delicious street food recipes

Fortunately, some delicious street food recipes will fulfill those desires without sending you too close.

1. (Sweet) Kuchen

If you live in Austria, you may recognize this fried flour treat that is somewhat reminiscent of American donuts. Like other similar dishes, there are two main varieties of donuts – viscuchen and kuchen. To begin with, Weiscuchen is made with a solid dark chocolate donut with a thin layer of white ice on top.

Meanwhile, kuchen is a cake that is filled with sweet cream or fruit.

How to make Kuchen

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until smooth and thoroughly assembled.

2. Divide the flour into three pieces and knead each piece separately for five minutes.

Thai Mango Sticky Rice

You’ve probably eaten sticky rice, but it’s probably not like that. This is not your usual sticky rice – it contains spicy coconut, chopped mango, cashew nuts, and peanuts, as well as fresh basil, coriander, chili, and mint.

Chinese roast duck

One of my favorite roast ducks. I always thought it would be very challenging to do it right. Until I tried it. Here the dark flesh is braced, sliced, ​​and pan-fried and the skin is extra crisp. Add some vegetables like broccoli or green beans and call it a meal.

Golden Nun Crispy Pizza

Vegetarian Nan Pizza

Cheese and vegetables on the naan

Easy nan rolls

Easy pasta

With these simple recipes, you can spend a diet coma-free day.

Special thanks to Rhea Mehrotra, Megan Lenahan and Jenny Johnson for their recipe ideas.

Pad Thai

Photo: starry’s cupcakes

Looking for an amazing alternative that is simple and does not require a ton of special ingredients? Pad Thai it.

My favorite Thai movie, inspired by a dish of Thai traps, is a base of rice noodles with fried tofu, eggs and bean sprouts.

Easy: Make noodles by stirring the dried ingredients in a food processor. Layer the cooked noodles in a glass dish, top with bean sprouts, and add the chopped pieces, then cover it with a fresh green salad.

Cold: Serve hot with side salad and tons of Thai sweet chili sauce.

Is it Thai? Maybe. Does it count if it’s from Noodles Trader Joe’s? Yes, so do it.

Pad Thai Noodles? Yes.

Eggplant ‘n’ spinach soup

Photo: Evernote

This soup gets better over time, just like a good recipe.

Ful Medames – Egyptian Slow-Roasted Beans

There are some things you can simply say. Like beans, they are so versatile and inexpensive that what you do with them is irrelevant. This South American dish has some kicks but is absolutely delicious. Flower madams are sweet and spicy flavored beans that are cooked with olive oil, various herbs, and spices. And using a slow cooker you can get all those flavors. Served with yogurt sauce, this dish is one of the healthiest beans available in your local Bodega.

Smokey Brussels sprouts with chicken legs – Shepherd’s Pie

Would you also read this if you weren’t interested in eating Shepherd’s pie after the last meal you ate in deep-fried, creamy junk food? It was me.

Khao Jee Kai – Thai Curry and Rice Noodles

Mango fried banana

Famous Orange Bakery – Milk Pudding with Marshmallow

Pandan Ice Cream

Tofu cheese pie

Eat Fing Kai – Thai Spicy Chicken

Fo Ga – Beef Noodle Soup

Pong Thai Noodle Soup

Veggie curry

These vegetarian and vegetarian street food recipes are enough to satisfy you for a few days, even a week. Delicious Street Food Recipes Each of them even has a recipe for a sweeter version that you can get. To make it easy for you, I’ve created these lists of vegetarian and vegetarian recipes so you can search and find all the recipes you’re looking for.

Gua Bao – Taiwanese Pork Bun

“This pork loin is loaded with pork, chives, and cured mustard greens. These are delicious, modest and you can keep the ban! ”

Ban store

Maru Kebab

Maru Kebab offers an interesting twist on the standard shawarma-style sandwiches of the city. Here they marinate the lamb and chicken in a mixture of spices like lemongrass and coriander. Delicious Street Food Recipes Add some homemade spice pickle and you’ve got a new favorite, fast-food-style sandwich for yourself!

Benny in the hut

Maru Kebab is opening a new location at 63rd Street this Friday afternoon Be sure to stop by and see what all the buzz is about.

Chicken Curry – Turkey, Chicken, Lamb Koftas (price to perish)

Traditionally served at Middle Eastern weddings, chicken kofta is popular throughout Southeast Asia and India.


A typical New York City hot dog and a delicious churro combo. I love it so much I can eat this thing every day. Oh, and did I mention they’re free? Get that.

Chocolate Cafe Gremolata

While it’s technically a bacon and chorizo ​​breakfast (and I’ll take it anytime soon), the sweet and savory herbal mix doesn’t sound as awful as the description. I bet it tastes better than the original.

Jamaican jerk chowder

Tart and delicious, chowder are all you need when you want to soak up that post-bar feeling.

Slang gabbers

Take a humble grilled cheese sandwich, spread some pork sausage and green peppers on one side of the bread and tomato wedges on the other side and you get the final East Coast slaw.


Some amazing street food, such as Piri Piri chicken, marinated in pepper and lime juice, comes from the small town of Jamaica. And these three recipes are very easy and quick to make at home – they will blow all your reservations into the air. Delicious Street Food Recipes Who needs a burrito when you can eat fried chicken ?!

Now that I think about it, it’s a great way to have a fresh, light lunch to jumpstart your week. Or maybe the latter. Or maybe you’re ready to keep it in the fridge until you’re out of the office. That works, too.

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