May 26, 2022

Christmas Crack Recipe: The Sweetest Treat For Your Holiday Party

Christmas Crack Recipe

When I watch the main Christmas business on TV, my mind is ready for Christmas! One of the main things I usually need to do is create this simple Christmas crack formula. You know it as Saltine Toffee Candy but we call it Christmas Crack!

What is Christmas Crack?

Christmas Crack Recipe This is usually made with a small candy cane and a Christmas crack maker. I watched this video which is supposed to be about how to make christmas crack. I’ve seen it on Pinterest for years and it was my favorite!

I was really shocked when I saw the recipe because I didn’t know I was going to make toffee candy. I thought it could be toffee or even caramel. It’s really delicious. It’s as smooth as toffee. When I make it in my home, I start with toffee candy and end with caramel. But if you make it for a party, start with caramel. The chocolate below is very tasty! I found you could make toffee and use it as a pot for baking caramel! It was pretty awesome.

How to make Christmas Crack

Here’s a video on how to crack Christmas

Materials Needed:

1 box Peanut Butter Fudge

2 boxes of Chocolate Chips

tablespoons Melted ButterStart by opening the box of Peanut Butter Fudge and put everything in a medium saucepan.

In the meantime, beat the Chocolate box to a height until your electric mixer or milliliter mixes smoothly. This mill is also called Chocolate Sesame Faza. This is a piece of ordinary chocolate candy covered with melted butter.

Your big rectangular player has two china butter phases in the middle of it (this is the round metal plate carved).

Now add the butter Dolph on top of the peanut butter fire and enjoy evenly with a butter knife.

Substitutes for the saltine crackers

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Kiss

Smarties peanuts

Win the nuts

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Semi-sweet chocolate bar

And, you can easily replace your favorite candy or treat for crackers. You can also add a delicious creamy filling if you want.

Christmas crack no chocolate

Dessert cookies, crunchy, salty, sweet

Mmmm! Christmas cracks

Dessert cookies, crunchy, salty, sweet

Mmmm! Christmas cracks

Gluttonous joy or sugar crowd

Naughty candy, irresistible, unforgettable

Christmas crack is a one-of-a-kind treat! It’s made with fun ingredients and tastes like the holidays, but it’s very easy to make.

There is a way to host the perfect Christmas party for you without spending big money. All you have to do is gather some friends, add some decorations and call for some delicious homemade food to share with your guests!

It only takes a few minutes to create a Christmas crack and it is perfect for parties and get-togethers. This is my favorite party dish, dubbed by my kids as the “crack” of snacks.

Christmas crack recipe ritz

Recipe Christmas Crack Recipe Christmas Crack Recipe Christmas Crack Recipe Ritz

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Two weeks ago, my mom asked me to make this Christmas crack recipe for our “friends’ party” at her house. I call it our “Grandma’s Christmas Party” because grandparents think you’ll see for yourself. We usually celebrate Christmas with our friends, but they were very nice to us and they never miss a Christmas party.

Let’s try to crack for this Christmas party. These are very easy to make and fun and it makes a big hit every time.

Christmas crack recipe with pretzels

The sweet, salty, crunchy combination of saltine, butter and sugar is made to be eaten out of the bag (think: saltines crack) or as a cracker sandwich. Another option is to cut the crackers in half or halves and spread some delicious goodies over a cracker with some butter.


Crockpot Christmas Crack Recipe

This is the perfect sweet treat for those moments when you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen.. It is extremely easy to prepare, and your friends and family will be amazed at how easy it is to make Christmas crackers in crockery.

If you are wondering how to make Saltine Crack, don’t miss these simple steps!

Today I’m going to show you how to make a crockpot saltine crack for your party. Even if your friends don’t crack saltine, this is a great low-carb recipe that will take you all afternoon to make.

Do you know what we all want to do during Christmas? He spends hours and hours cooking in the kitchen. There is no way we can finish those cookies and cakes! My friends and I love to party on the beach on holidays.


Christmas crack toffee

A simple toffee candy that you make and store in an airtight container. Perfect topper for holidays or gift baskets.

Recipe for this crack. Made with white chocolate, the candy doesn’t stay in the house for long but you can keep it in the fridge for a month or more. Chocolate can be very hard and brittle when cold, so do not handle candy too much if it is too hard.

How To Crack Christmas

Step 1:

Take a 4oz block of sweet white chocolate and heat over low heat with some butter. This is the hard part so be careful and heat for a few minutes until the chocolate is melted and smooth. If you rush the process, the chocolate will be granular and hard, but that’s fine.


Christmas crack with Saltine and M&MS

This simple holiday treat has been around for years but it hasn’t entered stores yet. This is truly the perfect “crack” treat for the holidays. I absolutely love this recipe because it is really fun to make but also easy to make.

I have made it for friends and family over the years and they have requested it every year. Of course, my house is no different. My kids asked for it last year, and if you saw them anytime last year, you thought they had cracked. They were laughing, walking around, nuts going. That’s my daughter on the left. And my son is on the right. They like this recipe.

Now I’ve added m & ms to the recipe because my son’s cookie can’t contain nuts.

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