May 21, 2022
Nigerian Street Food

Nigerian Street Food: Nigerian Food Near Me

Nigerian Street Food: There is a lot of love for the variety of street food in Nigeria. With a few popular dishes, including an outstanding variety of food to intrigue Nigerians, they stick to the variety of street food as it helps them. They acknowledge that you do not have to bother with silver or gold spoons for delicious food varieties. To learn about Nigerian culture, it’s relatives and their sense of taste, you want to enjoy the sources of street food. Nigerian street food varieties are delicious and give an extraordinary culinary encounter. The street food varieties are consistently low-estimated, convenient, and heavenly.

Here, we present to you the best delightful street food varieties that have become a memento of Nigeria’s best food and offer a novel of close taste

Nigerian Food: The best Nigerian food you can eat in 2019, Nigerian food in Nigeria and abroad is on the list of many favorites. Truth be told, Nigerian food is so prevalent that you will fight with many people like Nigeria to find another country.


Nigerian Street Food

Hausa food

Nigerian street food with steamed corn


Katsina Street Food is made with deep-fried marinated chicken or yellow beans, wrapped in a layer of filo flour, coated in butter, and fried in an amber wood fire before serving. If you are looking for street food, you should try:

Nigerian Street Food



Gului was the first to cook fried bananas with chillies and onions and dipped the ban in a sweet, fragrant drink called Gului. Local food consists mainly of bananas, cassava and peanuts.


Igbo strip means meat. In Igboland, the word falalu means hot pot. Falls is a Nigerian cultural food that is very popular in northern Nigeria. The word fala in turn is derived from fala ma it [taste].

Memories of Nigeria’s best food

Street food such as “Akara”, “Baka” and “Us”, Nigeria’s most famous food on the streets, markets and public spaces. These are not eaten in formal dining but are quickly eaten.


Ogbono soup

Baka means added food or feast food. It is a traditional dish of mixed food prepared for the most important event or celebration, often on the basis of a ritual.


Fresh okra


Dried shrubs



Onion oil


A portion of Bakar is as famous as Ocro Soup. It is like the popular “picking” food in southern Nigeria.


Akara is delicious food that is often compared to a ball of flour. Accra is one of the favorite foods of the locals.

Delicious street food

1. Excuse me

Made for many Nigerians has been a great favorite for many years. Made in the Nigerian version of a pancake, which comes in different shapes. It is made with plantain chips and either pounded yam or cassava, which is peeled before frying in a mixture of palm oil and water. It comes with various toppings.

2. Ajo (fried banana chips)

You can’t forget about the delicious plantain chips, which are made with fried plantain chips which are usually served with a cup of hot chili soup, palm oil and black pepper.

3. Ajó with stew

You can prepare it as a snack or make a meal out of it. The stew is still made with plantain chips cooked in palm oil. The stew is still commonly served with Drogba, a popular Nigerian pepper soup.

Grilled groundnut

Fried peanuts are a favorite of many Nigerians. The burning taste cannot be missed with a dash of chili peppers. If you feel you are not being allowed to eat them, think again. You just have to ask your friends for secrets.

Rice cake

There is always a way to make rice cake and it has been the best selling option for a long time. It’s basically like what you get off the road. All you have to do is buy them from a store and then enjoy them in the back of your car.

From you to me; Rice cake is considered a “must” in Nigerian culture. Because it represents a perfect and delicious dish. After a day of hard work and a light snack just before you start preparing dinner it is perfect.


Cookies are one of the most popular fast food in Nigeria.

Roasted Plantain Nigerian

There is a time of eating which is not eaten at other times. Frying bananas on a heated surface, then grinding the meat is a great way to make the perfect Nigerian street food. The mixture of salt, onion, pepper and oil tastes great and will be a definite hit for Nigerian street food lovers.

Cocoa Pako

Due to its delicious and hearty taste, cocoa pako has quickly become a favorite street food of Nigeria. It is made from fried meat and mixed with hot peppers and a salad made with cucumber, onion, pepper and tomato. The full-size pack is sold at N10.00 and there are Coco Paco stalls in every part of Nigeria.

Nigerian pounded cheese

Pounded cheese is also a street food that you can find in Nigeria and you call it pizza step-sister.

Ogbono soup

Ogbono is a great way to celebrate Nigerian national food and weddings. A thick soup made from okra is usually eaten with rice and eba. Since it is made with finely chopped okra and water, it is often served with okra or yam fry. Ogbono soup is cheap, easy, and good for your health. It is a regular serving of West African main soup, and you can find it in Nigerian families as well as in some restaurants.

Ogbono soup has an extremely rich flavor; Each meal will give you only one drop. The real taste is in the taste of the water that goes into the soup. People even add a pinch of salt to make sure the soup tastes better.

Kpuikpo soup

This soup is not so common in Nigeria.

Moin Moin

Moin is the name of popular Nigerian street food which means “chicken blood”. We met Moin Moin when we were little. There were times when we wanted to play with sticks and leaves, and Mom couldn’t buy us nappies or milk. So, we would run and jump with our friends on our knees, and then we would eat sticks and leaves soaked in water. This is Moin Moin.

At my school in faraway Lagos, if a boy does well in class, he will take his father’s mule-moin on the way home. Moin is chicken blood stewed with tomatoes and peppers, and sometimes, okra.

2. Agusi

August is a stew that uses meat cooked on yew leaves. The local word “Igusi” comes from the Igbo word, plantain leaf, “minor”.

Puff puff

Puff puff is a fried puff pastry that is usually eaten with eggs. It’s part of a popular Lagos street food called Zolof Rice.


Another popular street food enjoyed in Nigeria is Dofola, a drink made with palm wine. Although it is a drink found in Nigeria, many people around the world have taken it as their favorite drink. You can find your dofola in cafes and street markets.

Okro soup

Nigeria is known for its many delicious dishes and Okro soup is one of them. It is one of the most popular soups in Nigerian cities. It is usually served on special occasions like weddings, birthdays and occasions. Its taste brings water to the mouth and you will not be able to resist its deliciousness.

Bolis and APA roasted plantain and groundnut

Boli and APA is a traditional dish made by mixing two leaves (boneless) of the Buhari tree (usually found in low-income areas of Nigeria), peanuts and meat, eggs, and spices. The edible part is EPA, which is usually larger than the sacrifice. One of the most notable things about this street food is how they eat EPA leaves, they tear small pieces from it and put it in their mouths. This is a very unique type of food, where you eat without using forks or spoons.

When eating, try to hold the leaves tightly with your fingers so that you do not lose them. In addition to being a healthy snack for kids, the spicy and crunchy taste makes it great street food.

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