May 20, 2022

Start Video Marketing agency without giving yourself a headache 2022

Start Video Marketing agency without giving yourself a headache

It’s easier to watch than to read.

As a content writer, it’s one reality that I am facing right now.

Written content, no matter how well-worded, still requires the reader to pay attention to every single alphabet. While you can capture the reader’s imagination through your written words, your audience has to be a reader.

What if your intended audience is not a reader? In this age of content consumption and instant gratification, nobody has time for that, but everybody has time to consume. Thus, it’s time to make people watch through video marketing.

But video marketing is a new kind of beast. It has nuances and annoyances that can make you think twice before recording your first video, forcing you to ask questions involving many “What ifs?”.

1. What if the video isn’t of good quality?
2. What if the video doesn’t go viral?
3. What if the video receives bad comments?
4. What if I am wasting my time in Video Mkt?

Don’t worry about any of these questions.

Don’t worry about your first video having a perfect quality. If you are giving value through your videos, your audience will love it, regardless of how stilted or grainy it looks.

Don’t worry about your video to go viral; worry about creating valuable content. Just like Ranched said, “Run after excellence, not the viral status”. Create a video that gives value and see people flocking towards it like locusts to a flame.

Don’t worry about getting bad comments on your videos. Any engagement is good engagement. If such comments bother you, think of the Tik-tokers. They kept creating content even after being called “Cringey”, “Worthless”, “Talent-less”, “Useless” and several other colourful terms.

And finally, Video marketing is not a waste of time. Think about it:

1. Over 500 million users watch Facebook videos every day.

2. Over 10 billion Snapchat videos are viewed everyday.

There is no lack of audience in digital video marketing. So, don’t falsely believe that you’re wasting your time.

Getting the right start with Video marketing Video marketing, just like every other form of marketing, requires you to pay close attention to the trends, the engagement, and the styles that work best. While you don’t need your video to be perfect, it should perfectly fit the audiences for whom you are shooting the video.Video marketing is NOT just shooting videos.

It’s a strategy of creating videos with a single goal: to sell a product. The product can be anything.

1. It can be awareness.
2. It can be entertainment.
3. It can be education.
4. It can be some services.
5. It can be some goods.

YouTube marketing services came into existence back in the day because the people who started posting videos there just for fun understood the above points. As a result,

1. The videos became funnier.
2. The content got better.
3. More people started watching videos on YouTube.
4. Video makers started to earn.
5. More YouTube channel came into existence.

It’s time for you to do the same.

And, for everything worth doing, there are steps that you have to take.

Start Video Marketing agency

So below are the strategies of video marketing, that I have shamelessly stolen from Neil Patel:

1. Create a plan that you can follow.
2. Choose what you already know.
3. Start giving birth to your videos.
4. Find out what tickles people’s fancy when they search online.
5. Team up with the established players.

Create a plan that you can follow

Creating videos is like diving in a deep ocean. If you don’t have a plan to find a boat, you will drown. That’s why make a plan before you decide to take a plunge.

And, most importantly, make a plan that you can follow in actuality.

If you plan to create the best video in the world, I am sorry to inform you but, there is a chance that you’ll fail.

Instead, plan to create the best video as you can keeping the SMART GOALS in mind

1. Be specific on how you want your audience to feel after seeing your videos. Do you want to make them laugh, cry, or both while at the same time, learning something?

2. How would you measure your success? Are you going keep track of the number of views, the likes or the comments?

3. Is the content you are providing actionable? Will the people be able to learn from it, laugh at it, cry with it? Or, will it be just for passing the time?

4. Would your content hit the relevant pain points of the viewer – giving him solutions to his/her exact problems?

5. Can you meet the intended goal of your video within a specific time?

I admit, when I first read them, the smart goals were a bit too smart for me. So here is the simple version:

1. Your video marketing strategy should have a specific goal. That goal should be more accurate than “getting more views” or “earning more subscribers”. Focus on giving value to your viewers.

2. If you want to continue creating videos, you should track the performance of the one you’re creating now, or have created before. The way people engage with your video and their perceptions towards it allows you to be more specific in your next video.

To summarize:

Make a plan, follow that plan, and afterwards, measure the performance you’ve gotten by following that plan.
Choose what is already there

One of the best ways to give yourself a headache while creating videos is trying to come up with something truly unique. You want to create something truly unique; something that no one has come up with before.

It’s time to wear those big boys pants and face reality.

Yes, you can create something truly unique.

What? You thought that I would demotivate you?

Hell no! Coming up with something unique for video content is truly admirable. However, there is one thing that you should take priority over being unique for now:

Create content that doesn’t force people out of their comfort zone.

By choosing the type of content people are familiar with, you familiarize them with your brand. As a result, people trust your approach. The YouTube marketing strategy stands upon the pedestal of familiarity.

There are three types of “formulaic” video content that you often see in digital marketing on YouTube:

1. Educational videos:  

By choosing the formulae to create educational videos, you can create: a. Educational videos that provide solutions that your audience can implement today.b. Or thought-provoking knowledge that can turn your audience into thought leaders of tomorrow.

When it comes to what type of educational video you can choose to start your video creating journey with, you can choose digital marketing video. Why? It’s because everyone is interested in it and thus, everyone engages with it.

2. Inspirational videos:

I call these videos, “overdose of positivity”. Nowadays, people are either stressed or depressed. Through inspirational videos, complete with breath-taking views, magical background music, and an epic narration, you can tug at their heartstrings – making them feel good. Take a look at this inspirational video if you want inspiration to create one.
3. Entertainment Videos: 
Entertainment is why video marketing services began. People don’t always have time for education or inspiration, but they do make time for entertainment. It’s also one domain of video marketing where you can truly be unique. From rapid cuts of Renton reviews to the roast goodness of Carminati, entertainment has room for every type of uniqueness.

When you take a familiar video creation route, you have a higher chance of engagement. Just, take a glance at YouTube Marketing strategy.

The higher the engagement on a video, the more youtube considers it worthy of monetization.

And it’s all about monetization when it comes to YouTube baby.

To summarize: 

Choose topics with which people are already comfortable. It creates room for you to establish your brand and for the people to interact with you.
Start giving birth to your videos Now that you’ve got the planning down, it’s time to start with the fun part.It’s time to give birth to your first video.

Making your first video can be quite intimidating. Nervousness sends your brain in shake-mode and sweating into an overdrive. Don’t worry about your first video to be perfect; just DO IT.

If you need more motivation than Shia Labour can give you, let me give you another one.

Your First Video is Supposed to be Your Worst One.

If you feel like regurgitating random things in your first attempt, do it. If you are shaking at first sight of your camera lens, let it happen.

Just Record Your First Video.

Don’t stress about every single detail. Each time you press the record button, you take a step. With each step, you get better and better.

Furthermore, you already have a plan. All you have to do is act upon it. So, act.

Once you finish the video, take a look at this video editor. For starters, it has got everything to make video editing easier for you, and the fun part is, no experience required.

To summarize:

Record your first video without worrying about judgement, and edit with without the need to making it spicy.

Find out what people are searching for Uploading your first video is like throwing a dice. While you’ve planned what you want your content to be, you’re still uncertain about the outcome:

1. You’re uncertain about people would receive it.
2. You’re uncertain about the number of views it can have.
3. You’re uncertain about where your video will appear in the search results.

Such uncertainties turn video making into a gamble. That’s why you shouldn’t just make the videos, you should market them.

There is a way through which you can suppress some of the above uncertainties, and it can be defined in three words:

Simple SEO techniques

If you know what people are searching for, you can optimize your video content accordingly. Once your content is optimized, chances of your video to rank in the search results increases.

And when there you’re present at a favourable rank in the search results (usually the first), you are ready to have your first audience.

When it comes to simple search engine optimization techniques to apply in YouTube video promotion service, there are only two:

1. Keywords in the title: 

Research the keywords that best suit your video, and what people search for. Once you do, build a title around that keyword. Google will love you and consider your video because the keyword will show that your content is relevant. Choosing the correct title is a way to leverage youtube promotion services without paying a dime.

2. Keywords in the description: 

Add keywords to the video description as well. However, in your rush to go viral, don’t resort to stuffing the keywords. The content should resonate with Google and the people. So, get a content writer who can strategically add keywords to your video description in a way that the sentence makes sense.

3. Balancing optimization and storytelling: 

As for the content of your video, you should find a sweet spot where you can satisfy both google and your viewer. Keep the keywords as the context of your video content you’ll be able to promote your YouTube channel with style.

To summarize:

Use keywords in title and description while making sure the sentences make sense. Keep those keywords in mind while making the video so that your content is visible to Google and likeable to your audience.
Team up with the established players

Remember the time when you had to spend a fair bit of money to get a “celebrity” to help you out?

Those days are gone.

With video creation platforms and video editing tools available to everyone, anyone can achieve celebrity status.

It has become possible because the meaning of influencer has changed.

While traditional celebrities exist, now we have “micro-celebrities”. These people are video influencers that through their grit and passion, have been able to establish themselves as a messiah of video marketing.

Why am I painting them as a messiah?

It’s because these video influencers, through their videos, provide other brands opportunity to grow.

They are always willing to quench your thirst for answers. Through their platform, you’ll be able to achieve greater heights when it comes to video marketing for business.

For example, take a look at the YouTube Influencer Marketing. In 2017, Fakebit emerged. It allowed creators to collaborate with brands and other video influencers. Leveraging the power of influencers to push brands further, it provided a platform for creators to collaborate to produce better content.

YouTube understood the value of such an initiative, powered Fakebit through its technology – acquiring it in 2017.

However, as influencers are now more accessible than ever, that doesn’t mean that you have to just choose anyone. There is an online video marketing strategy that exists which specifies how you should:

1. Choose the influencer: 
Choose influencers that fit your brand. If your brand is family-friendly, then it’s a bad idea to reach out to someone who posts controversial content. If your brand is controversial, don’t choose an influencer whose popularity rests upon being family-friendly.

2. Communicate with an influencer: 
For an influencer to help your brand, he/she has to be on the same wavelength as you. Thus, communicate with the influencer properly before giving him the reigns of your brand.

To Summarize:

Get the help of establishers players of video marketing. However, make sure to choose the right influencers, for their infamy or fame can have a direct impact on your brand.

I wanted to write about advertisements but then I realized something:

You don’t need to spend money to start video marketing agency .

What you need is the right mindset, a desire for success and a little bit of help from here and there.



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